Oster Tire has partnered with Snap Finance in order to offer our customers more flexibility when they are considering credit options for purchasing automotive products and services. Snap Finance offers a unique program tailored to your credit needs. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit at all you can still take advantage of these money saving offers.


No Credit Needed 

Get up to $3000

Bad credit or no credit? No problem! JUST TEXT 11227 to 48078

Snap! Finance doesn’t offer traditional loans. Instead, they offer a consumer lease that allows you to finance your purchase over 12 months of convenient payments. They also offer a 100-Day Cash Payoff, the best terms around. Need new tires for your car? Brakes? Suspension work? Don’t let bad credit stand in your way. Snap is your partner for No Credit Needed financing! 

What is No Credit Needed Financing?

Up to 80% approved

No Credit Needed financing is Snap’s rent-to-own financing that doesn’t rely on credit reports to determine approvals or denials. They use a proprietary process that allows them to look beyond bad credit, bankruptcies, or even no credit history. Snap understands that we all face challenges from time to time, so we look for opportunities to help you build or restore your credit.

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