Keep your Tires in Top Shape

Keep your Tires in Top Shape

Great! You’ve made an investment in a set of top of the line tires. You’ve checked out all specifications, you have looked into performance ratings, warranties, and decided on the perfect tires for your vehicle. Now what? How do you protect your investment and get the most out of your tires? With these simple tips, you can extend the life and performance of your tires, and keep them in top shape for as long as possible.

1. Proper Inflation– Check tire inflation often, and only when the tires are cool (before any driving). A glove box tire pressure gauge can help keep an eye on inflation. Poorly inflated tires can cause extra strain and wear on the tire, shortening its life and affecting performance.
2. Proper Rotation– The weight distribution on your vehicle can vary, so rotating the tires with your oil change will prevent uneven wear and promote a better ride.
3. Proper Balance– Keeping tires balanced correctly will allow a smoother ride and keep tires from improper wear. Tires can typically be balanced at the same time as your regularly scheduled rotation.
4. Proper Alignment– Proper tire alignment is essential for the driveline components of your vehicle. Keeping tires aligned will help them wear evenly, maximizing on the tire tread design, and heightening performance.
5. Know your Driving Habits– How you drive and where you drive is very important. Off road and work vehicles should have tires checked more frequently as they are under additional strain. Excessive braking, acceleration, and stop and go traffic will change the way tires wear. Pay close attention to pot holes, road debris, speed bumps and curbs, as these can damage the tire or sidewall.
6. Parking– Vehicles that are frequently parked on hot asphalt during summer months can actually cause additional heat damage to tires. Parking on gravel or dirt roads in cold extremes can cause tire damage and warping. Extended periods of immobility and parking, over the course of weeks or months, can break down or destroy tires.
7. Proper Care– Tires should be kept clean and debris free just like any other part of your car. Keep clean, dry air in the tires at all times. Check with your mechanic if you are in an area of high humidity. Maintain the tire rims, hubcaps, and tire valves. Valve caps should always be kept on, and without cracks or breaks to prevent leakage.
8. Loadbearing– For work vehicles and family fleets alike, changing weight in the vehicle can cause extra strain on the tires. Make sure trailers and other loads that are being hauled are within the weight limits of your tires and vehicle, to prevent flats, blow-outs, or damage.

Keeping up with your seasonal or regularly scheduled maintenance visits (every 3,000- 5,000 miles) will be essential in keeping your tires in top shape. Watch for signs of uneven wear, damage, or tread changes. Tires that are maintained properly will last on most vehicles for up to 5 years. For more tire tips and tricks, or to schedule your routine maintenance visit, contact us today!

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